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Sweetvault - Minimizing fraud by tokenizing sensitive card data for secure re-use in our vault.
Connect by CM or Hotel
You can honestly have it all, connect your self or by CM or PMS. Take a stroll and see what we have.

PCI DSS storage for CC
A secure paylink
Web checkout with multiple payment options
Multi pay solutions terminal

Channel Managers

Security is the new fun

We can provide you with a PCI DSS Highly Secure Vault to store all sensitive credit card data you are handling through your systems.

Your costumers might want to retain the credit card number that goes through your system and fetch it later, now you can help dem in a secure way.

We make sure that the card information only can be accessed by a validated user with the right token.

With our solution you don’t have to think about all the necessary certifications, because you probably don’t need them any more.

Be more than just a Property Management System

As a PMS you can connect to our API and offer your customers seamless solutions as

SweetCheckout – checkout for website with a diversity of payment methods as CC, AliPay, invoicing and installments

SweetVault – a High Level PCI DSS secure storage for sensitive credit card information

SweetLink – The secure link to send to guest whom calls or emails to make a reservations.

We charge a monthly fee and per token sent. And since we are a full payment service provider we will also be the acquirer’s for the transactions made and directly settle your customers.

We handle all the KYC and on-boarding by a few simple klicks.

Hoteliers – now it’s your turn to have a simple solution

Thanks to our sweet seamless solutions you can use our system to make your guests payment journey as smooth as it could ever get.

You will have total control over your costs and can provide your gust with the highest security of their credit card information.

You will aslo give your guest a possibility to pay in their own currency or preferred payment method as per example AliPay and others.

We are a full payment service provider and the SweetSolutions we offer you can be used separately or all together as one solution.

The ultimate terminal

Why just have one payment option to offer when SweetPay terminal can give you several. Our smart Android terminal with both scanner, printer and (NFC) gives your hotels and restaurants a huge benefit. Make your choice of payment offers to your guests.

Accepts all major credit cards

Contactless and mobile payments

A secure vault

A cloud-based storage for all credit card details where tokens are sent to fetch a specific credit cards information. SweetVault has a PCI DSS certification which is a requirement to save credit card details.

SweetVault is designed to save the credit card numbers that you wish to store for future payments.

When a guest, for example:

– Uses the hotels website to pay through loyalty bookings the card information has to be stored somewhere.

Gain guests on your website

We have different types of online checkouts design just to make it easier for your guests and for you to gain revenue from your own website.

Simple APIs for integration with your PMS and with payment options that your customers prefer, such as credit cards, AliPay, invoice or installments.

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